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Case Studies, Mobility — Monday 9th June 2014

Add Seal comes in many formulations and in the case of TGA, a major independent mobility scooter importer and engineering company based in Suffolk, we collaborated for months adjusting the formulation to suit the conditions owners would be faced with. TGA wanted to improve their customers ownership experience and reducing the actual and perceived risk of puncture related breakdowns was a major issue.

As a means of proving the effectiveness of the product, TGA decided to assist a World Record attempt and in May 2014, Steve Tarrant, a racing marshal who lost a leg in an accident at Goodwood ten years before, covered nearly 200 miles in a 24 hour period on a section of track donated by Goodwood. The difference was that all four tyres were punctured on the start line! The scooter covered the planned distance with comfort breaks and the whole event was recorded for the Guinness organisation.

View the video below:

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