As a leading provider of inspection and testing services Bureau VERITAS plays a vital role in ensuring we are always at the forefront of best practices in providing non-hazardous product. Material Safety Data Sheets confirming non-hazardous classification are compiled by Bureau VERITAS following inspection of all Add Seal formulations and consideration of raw material compounds used.

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Dec 18th


Passenger and commercial tyres containing Add Seal were submitted to Smithers RAPRA Technology Limited and tested according to ECE Regulation 54/30. These regulations are used to evaluate the integrity of new commercial and passenger car tyres.  The tyres were punctured in three locations (inner, outer and centre rib) with a 6mm tool. The tyres were drum tested under load for periods as stipulated by the Regulations and “served as an effective sealant” for the duration of the test.

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Dec 18th

Mira Test, commissioned by the RAC

MIRA is one of Europe’s leading proving grounds and is used by automotive companies from across the world. Once the RAC had seen how effective the Emergency sealant formulation was, they commissioned a comprehensive test, subjecting a punctured/sealed tyre to unreal-world driving dynamics and road surfaces. The sealant passed this test and the tyre was still inflated 48 hours later.

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Dec 18th

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