ECO Case Study

ECO Sustainable Solutions is one of the UK’s leading organics recycling companies and has been using Add Seal as part of its fleet management practice. Typically, the company experienced over ten punctures per week. This cost £100 in repair costs and approximately an hours’ downtime per incident. Since DTS included Add Seal as part of the ‘’managed service’, ECO now suffers less than three punctures per week across all locations, saving between £36,000 and £57,000 a year in downtime.

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Oct 1st

Masters Quarry

Holme Sand & Ballast have leased this site for a limited number of years and there are restrictions when it can be worked. With three loading shovels undertaking a range of tasks, including mixing and blending product, depositing raw materials into a centralised plant and loading up to 100 customer lorries a day, there is no time for puncture related breakdowns.

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Aug 15th

Dorset Tyre Services

We took the huge step of adopting Add Seal in order to give our customers a better service. Although the repair costs represented income for DTS, the downtime incurred by the client was far worse and so we recommended using Add Seal. Now all our clients rely on it too.

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Jul 20th

Twice Round The Clock

Mobility scooter importer and engineering company TGA use Add Seal to improve their customer’s scooter ownership experience, providing peace of mind and far fewer incidents. Their forty strong dealer network appreciate this too, as it saves thousands of pounds per annum on call-out costs.

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Jun 9th

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The science & benefits of the Add Seal formula

Our scientific and real-world testing approach is the key to manufacturing product that works, see how here

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Customer videos & case studies

Nothing explains our case for improved fleet management than our customer’s experiences

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