Add Seal Launch the New RAC Puncture Repair Kit & Sealant

News — Thursday 28th May 2015

Add Seal are proud to announce the launch of our new puncture repair kit and sealant in association with the RAC.  The all new RAC Puncture Repair Kit and Sealant also comes with an simple to use compressor, making quick road side repairs easier than they have ever been before. For more information about the product you can see our new video below which is also available on YouTube.

The unique sealant formulation is latex free and washable, meaning you can quickly repair a punctured tyre and drive to your local mechanic or garage who will carry out a standard repair.  As long as there is no secondary damage, this will save you the full cost a new tyre. The full product specification of the RAC Puncture Repair Kit is: – Powered by the 12v cigarette lighter socket. – LCD digital display gauge makes checking tyre pressures accurate. – Interchangeable pressure settings for PSI, BAR and KPI. – Totally unique retractable power lead. – 100psi capacity means this compressor will inflate all passenger car tyres. – The 3-way LED light includes a red hazard flasher, S.O.S warning signal and torch. – Multi tool adaptors means this compressor can be used on a range of pneumatic leisure items Main features of sealant: – No shelf life – Seals holes up to 6mm – Water based, non hazardous and latex free – Use with any compressor – Safe to store – Easy and safe to install – Can be washed from the tyre – Can be used with any pneumatic tyre up to 19’’ rim If you would like to buy the new puncture repair kit, or simply find out more about it, please visit our new standalone website on:

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