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What is Add Seal?

The Add Seal tyre sealant range is the product of many years of dedicated research, professional development and substantial investment.

Add Seal comprises of a carefully formulated blend of natural fibres, blocking agents and sealing compounds proven to seal a puncture of up to and above 18mm in commercial vehicles and 6mm in passenger cars.

We pride ourselves upon producing chemically advanced, safe and reliable puncture solutions.

All our formulations are put through the highest levels of scrutinisation and testing by world renowned bodies such as Bureau Veritas, RAPRA and partners such as the RAC. All Add Seal formulations are produced under ISO9001:2008 regulations to ensure quality and performance standards are met.

How it works...

In the event of a puncture, the sealant is forced into any protrusion in the tread area by a combination of movement, centrifugal force and air pressure. The fibres, blockers and compounds bind together to create a semi-permanent or permanent seal, depending on the application.

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Why use sealant?

In the commercial sector, our sealants are used on a preventative basis to reduce on-site puncture incidents, limiting downtime, recovery costs and risk thus improving productivity and safety.

In the domestic market, our sealant formulations can be used as both preventative and emergency measures depending on application.

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Add Seal Heavy Duty

  • Seals punctures up to 18mm
  • Reduces repair and recovery costs
  • Limit downtime and improve productivity
  • Avoid risk and improve safety
  • Does not damage tyres

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Delivery Pump

  • Specifically designed to deliver Add Seal
  • Pumps against a back pressure of 75 psi
  • Delivers 250ml per downward stroke
  • Unique non return flow system
  • Designed not to block

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Double Ended Valve Core Remover

Dual End Valve Core Remover

Designed to remove large and small standard valve cores

Flexible Adapter Pipe

Flexible Adapter Pipe

A flexible hose to allow access to valves in difficult positions.

Anti Air Loss Installation

Anti Air Loss Installation

Enables tyre sealant to be installed with minimal air loss.

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